Thursday, March 06, 2014

More Grouchy Drivel

It doesn't really make sense that today I was okay, and tonight I'm a hot mass of emotion who just declared to no one that "Nothing is working right now, nothing is working at all." Not that there's a lot of sense in my emotions lately. Believe me, I've noticed.

I don't think the weather is helping, though. Do you remember this picture from a month ago?
I happened to look outside today, and see how much has melted?
In a month. A MONTH. It hasn't melted in a month. It's MARCH, and it's so cold today that I had to close the window I can almost always leave open a crack for Carlos; it was just blowing in too cold. In like an iceberg means out like a what?

Just over two weeks until I leave for Florida, and I can't wait, but I'm also stressing about the cats. Will there be enough progress in two weeks so I can leave them together and not stress about it the whole time? I had to put George in solitary for a while earlier, and Carlos came and sat with me, and it was so nice, but so sad that it's nice because it's rare and what have I done to him.

Shit. Trying to pull myself together. Perhaps I should eat something. Perhaps the Bruins will win. Perhaps whatever is making tonight hard will pass. At least I worked from home, that was nice. And warm.


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