Monday, March 10, 2014

On Monday, Reporting of Sunday

Some things about today:
  • It is Monday.
  • Due to the time change, my body thought I was trying to get up an hour early.
  • Even though I went to bed really early last night on account of being exhausted (more on why in a moment), this was very hard.
  • And it was snowing this morning.
  • A few minutes after my boss arrived at work, I found myself filling my water glass and thinking, "The momentary satisfaction would not be worth the long-term repercussions." Which is just not a good sign.
  • The good news is that it wasn't as frigid as it has been. In the office, I mean. It's still fucking cold out. And more snow forecast.
  • But unfortunately, my arthritis started bothering me in the afternoon for some unknown reason, so I passed on stitch and bitch, and came home after the chiropractor.
  • Also unfortunately, I reached a decision on the Yarn Harlot's talk on Wednesday, when she's at Brookline Booksmith, which is unfortunate because I don't feel up to going. I'd actually love to go, but the thought of figuring out the logistics makes me feel panicky. Objectively, it isn't hard, but I'm not that familiar with Brookline, I don't know how the parking is (though I suspect bad), and the only thing that Booksmith's website says about it is a note that the meters run until 8pm. Which is valuable information, but incomplete; if I get there at 6 and am lucky enough to find a spot, that isn't a snowbank, and then the meter only allows you an hour, I think I would melt down. Silly, but I just can't handle it right now. Damn it. I'll have to pick up her book on Saturday; one of the stores on the Yarn Crawl will have it, surely. Look ahead, think happy thoughts.
So that was my day! Down and up and down, and down. The extra sunlight when I left work was nice, but did not result in an extreme and sudden mood makeover.

The reason I was so tired last night is that I spent the day walking around Old Sturbridge Village with my friend and her kids, which was a lot of fun, but also quite chilly, and muddy*, and a lot of walking and standing and walking. I was home by 7, crashed on the couch to watch the end of the Bruins game (which started, oddly enough, at 5), and they won so that was nice, and still I was so tired I wanted to cry. Stamina? What's that?
*Should have worn boots! Live and learn.

It did give me some good pictures to share, though. Me being me, and like attracting like, there were a number of knitting-related moments, from knitting in display areas to information about the role of knitting at that time.

But let me tell you about my favorite moment. We went into the general store, and I looked into a case that displayed a variety of items, including fans, combs, jewelry, and then at one end, sewing and knitting items. At the end, there were these decorative sticks that reminded me of cases for chopsticks, which I was pretty sure they were not. See there, on the right?
So I asked what they were, and do you know what?
Needle protectors. Just like mine! Only really pretty, of course. How about that? My knitting radar was in fine form, all right.

I took non-knitting-related pictures too, but I am way too tired for more now. We'll have to stretch it out.


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