Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recap of Last Night, and a Photo Question

Today's snow was, thankfully, not in the "I can't possibly get to the office" range, but it had enough mess potential, with yesterday's rain freezing overnight before the snow came down atop the ice, for me to call a work-from-home day ahead of time. Happily. Calm, peaceful, warm, and with a cat to kiss on breaks ... very nice. Plus I got laundry done, which is a needed bonus given that I didn't get to any last weekend and won't have much time this weekend, either.

Last night worked out very well. I tried a new, simple-looking recipe that turned out to be simple enough to do, and also good enough that I burned my tongue eating it. The book I mentioned was entertaining: it's an historical novel called Banquet of Lies, by Michelle Diener, and I liked it enough that I plan to check out more by the author (after my trip). And the Bruins? Well, after a slightly wonky first period, they slapped Montreal with a 4-1 loss, in Montreal, which was (for a Bruins fan) very fun indeed. They hadn't beaten Montreal in a while, and the rivalry goes back so far it feels like a bigger deal than just one game; it gets into the players heads, the "we can't beat these guys" thinking, and in case we meet them in the playoffs this year, that's a good thing to stamp out now.

There were a couple of moments that amused me in particular, based on the game being on NBCSN, which is national coverage and different announcers than our local station, NESN. For instance, Montreal had a long attack that kept the Bruins pinned in their zone for a long time, but they finally got it out, changed lines, and immediately scored (which is an awesome way to ruin your opponent's enthusiasm). The announcer mentioned that a couple of the Bruins who had just come off were on the bench, just exhausted, that they were "sucking dirty pond water," and I was all, what? What does that even mean? "Sucking air," sure, but dirty pond water? That's right up there with Jack Edwards' mysterious "can of corn" comment in puzzling me. (The latter is actually explained here and here ... but I still find it obscure.)

The other thing was related to my favorite, Patrice Bergeron. You know how I love to have him appreciated for all he does so well; well, they were talking about him between periods, and commentator Mike Milbury compared him to Mary Poppins, "practically perfect in every way." In addition to loving the well-deserved kudos, I love that Milbury, a guy often mentioned for the time as a player that he went into the stands and beat a fan with the guy's own shoe, knows who Mary Poppins is, and can quote her. (It also led to this in no time. I wonder how much shit Patrice will take for it?)

The Bruins play again tonight, so we'll see if they're on a roll or let down. Meanwhile, I have a totally unrelated question for you, based on this photo I took recently of a reflection on my fridge door.
It isn't a perfect capture of how it looked to the eye, but it's close. Weird, right? What do you see in it?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I see... an angry cat glaring at you!

6:51 PM, March 13, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

Mary Poppins never looked better and something tells me Bergeron will be cool with it.

I see an angry cat and a cross and all sorts of symbolism. I'm putting it out of my mind.

This morning's entertainment was watching the neighbors use two hands to pull their car doors open as I had cat in lap and coffee in hand. Yeah for no big snow!

7:55 PM, March 13, 2014  

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