Friday, March 14, 2014

How to be a Tone-Deaf Boss

First, as a baseline, imagine you are the sort of boss who would send out a reminder before a storm for everyone to take their laptops and work from home, even though everyone didn't have a laptop.

Next, imagine that you are on the e-mail list from the property managers, so you forward notices that the employees may need to know about. The gym is being remodeled. There's a food truck coming on Wednesday. That kind of thing.

And imagine a notice comes in saying that National Grid is looking into a possible gas leak, so traffic is not able to leave the office park at the moment, which you'd certainly forward (for the three people in the office at the time).

And you're not going to forward it without writing something, right?

Would you choose to write, "Have a great weekend"?

To people who are (at least temporarily) stuck in the office, unable to leave, at 3 on a Friday afternoon?

If I could Photoshop this image:
It would say "This person had gone almost 4 days without a meltdown."

Not that I actually melted down.

But I wanted to.

I mean, it's not just that. It's that and two other small, meaningless, not worth being upset about things happening at the same time, coupled with, you know, winter.
I had to change the station quickly, coming home, when the DJ followed up a mention of how nice it's going to be tomorrow, relatively speaking, with, "Sunday, on the other hand..." No, no other hand! My rubber band has stretched for the last time; now all it does is snap. Ow.

Anyway. It's Friday night, which is glorious. Tomorrow is the yarn crawl, which is awesome. The Bruins will hopefully make it eight wins in a row tomorrow. Sunday I'm going to brunch with friends. And I need to spend time planning what to pack for Florida, because that's only a week away.

There are good things, is what I'm saying. I don't feel it, not this minute, but I know they're there. Excuse me while I go grab a kitty, because he's letting me know that he's there, too.


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