Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cat Note, More OSV Pictures

Carlos is soooooo happy now. He purrs and purrs, he stalks the red dot with concentration, and he doesn't skulk into rooms and stay along walls.

This morning, he walked casually around and past me, where I was sitting on the couch reading the paper. I picked him up and cuddled him onto my lap, and he settled down purring. Obviously I didn't get a picture, but if you imagine the world's most smug cat smile on his face, that was it.

Now, on to the rest of the photos from Old Sturbridge Village!
For instance, want to see what they used as a playpen?
The man told me that it's missing the strap that would have held the baby in, if you were wondering about the climbing out possibilities. As I did.

Now, how about some back pain?
Apparently stoves got progressively higher over the years. Ow.

Books! Printing! Second only to knitting in my interest level.
Beautiful furniture!
There were things in the store other than knitting. For instance, my chocolate radar also works:
And these were fun to imagine finding a use for.
Not technically knitting related. Or at least, only indirectly.
When we were on our way out, a little girl in this display demanded, "Someone take my picture!" I shrugged. Okay.
She looked at me, then said, "Someone else take my picture," and her family came back to corral her.

It was a pretty day.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I haven't been to OSV is ages! (Well, seven years -- Jeff and I went there the day after we got married. I remember drooling over that huge loom!)

8:20 PM, March 11, 2014  

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