Friday, January 03, 2014

Whether Update*

I just checked the weather, so I could tell Carlos exactly why the window will not be opening tonight, and learned that it is currently one degree out, and with the wind chill feels like 16 below. Feeling vindicated. I actually have the window open at least a crack whenever possible, even in winter, as he loves it so, but not tonight, buddy. Sorry.

The snow stopped this morning, and the sun kind of came out today; tomorrow is supposed to be sunny as well, with a high of 24. Sunday is currently forecast as cloudy, high 39 (above freezing, that is!), and Monday rainy and 51. Melt, snowfall, melt!

Then Monday night it goes down to 11, and it will all freeze solid. High 15 on Tuesday. Great.

Of course, this can all be taken with a grain of salt, we all know about forecasts. But still.

I've been cozy inside all day, except for about 45 minutes digging out the car midday. I talked to our plow guy, who was just finishing up; he said he'd been going since 2 on Thursday, and still had nine properties left to do. He looked less happy than I did, and he'd be making money from the snow!

One thing about this storm that made me smile, though, is reading that a State Police spokesman said on Twitter that "the roads are wicked slippery." Honest, he did:
Love the local touch (and not much else about snow).

*Yeah, weather. But whether there's weather, that is the question.


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