Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time, and Not Enough of It

It continues to amaze me how much time work sucks up. You think, oh, 40 hours a week, okay, that's not so bad. But add in lunch and commutes and suddenly it's more like 55 hours, plus it's so tiring to work and to get up early (oh, oh so very early) that I feel I barely get home and it's bedtime. Last weekend I slept ten hours Friday night and close to 12 Saturday*; I'm a person who needs serious amounts of sleep, and I just can't get it and have even a tiny bit of a life, while working.
*They say you can't "make up" sleep on the weekends, but I'm pretty good at it. Maybe it doesn't entirely repair the deficit of the week, but it helps.

I remember, after I got laid off in 2008, going back a few weeks later to have lunch with those left behind (and gather from my garden; remember, that was the job where I gardened), and one of the VPs seeing me exclaimed how good I looked. I remember vividly telling her that it was because I was getting enough sleep, and I never look like that while working. It's true.

None of this is to knock my specific job. It's a pretty good fit so far, and I don't dread going or anything. But man, am I tired. I stayed up a bit too late last night, it was ten when I looked at the clock and had to admit I wasn't going to finish my book, and now it isn't even 9 and I'm winding down.

Other than some technical issues, the job continues to go well. The technical issues are a piece of work, though. Monday morning* I opened the report I spent most of last week on, started working, and made the mistake of trying to change the font size of some text in a table. The 75-page document compressed into 19 pages by overlaying text and tables and figures so densely that most of it was unreadable. The hell? Never seen anything like it.
*And it just HAD to be Monday morning, didn't it?

Less dramatic but along the same lines, I opened the report yesterday morning to find that all my tracked changes had gone from red to blue overnight. Also, the spacing between paragraphs in the first section had changed. Riiiight.

Late yesterday I closed the report, then opened it to check something and the comments were back to red. Ohhhh-kay. Technology is not always our friend.

I want to talk knitting, I want to talk books, so many things ... but my eyes are closing.

How has your week gone?


Jennifer said...

my week is going okay and i'm glad i can hear about yours on this blog. hope you get more sleep this coming weekend. i keep waking up at 5 a.m. Not fun at all. Spent last night babysitting a 5 month old and thought of you - he was adorable.

goosefairy said...

On the technology issue - I absolutely HATE working with documents in MS Word because of the ghastly formatting issues. I have NEVER had an easy time of it just trying to do the simplest things. Trying to adjust the font size in ONE paragraph and the entire damn thing changes and bizarrely, too. I hate hate hate MS Word with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.

Uh... so, what I'm saying is, it's probably not you.