Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Ritz

I was in a bad mood last night, for no particular reason, and decided it was wise to keep away from the blog. My mood's okay tonight (despite learning today that one of my coworkers was born when I was in college, ow), but I'm tired.

But here's something to see! Raise your hand if you know the song Puttin' on the Ritz (and if you do, is it from Irving Berlin, Gene Wilder, or Taco?).

Ever see a flash mob in Russia perform to it?

Now you have!

My favorite part is that they're singing along but clearly don't know all the words. "Trying hard to be like Harry Cooper", anyone?

Other versions, if you're interested:

Taco. This was one of the first cassettes I owned. How many times did I listen to it?


Young Frankenstein, always a classic:

Another coworker threw "Put the candle back" into conversation today, so it wasn't all bad news.

The always dapper Fred Astaire, the classic:

Hope you enjoyed at least one version. Have a good evening!

1 comment:

Kate P said...

Ha! The one Russian woman says, "Super Pooper" (to rhyme with "Harry Cooper")! Hilarious find.

I'm pretty sure we had a vinyl single of it, actually. How weird is that? My dad loved it. This post put me in a good mood, too!