Monday, January 17, 2011

A Monday Afternoon Randomness

I'm thinking I should write this now, since my late afternoon and evening are busier (doctor's appointment, stop at the store, stitch and bitch), and right now is laundry-time, which comes with built-in blocks of free time between. And by should, I don't mean ought to, obligation, get it over with. I mean that I want to write, to send my words out there, and even though I usually work on the blog later in the day, that doesn't mean I have to.

The company where I'm working right now gives us Martin Luther King Day as a holiday, so I am home today. What makes this even nicer is that:
  • the Bruins traditionally play a matinee on MLK Day, so I'll get to watch that (hopefully this ends up being a nice thing);
  • the only benefit I get there, as a temp, is paid holidays (no vacation, no health insurance, no nothing else), so I will actually get paid for a day of sleeping in and lazing about, with a few chores; and
  • I'm expecting this job to end any time, have been for a week or two now, so it's an added bonus that I get it at all.
And not only is today pleasant, but yesterday was peaceful and serene, without the get-ready-for-work-ness that Sunday usually brings. Yesterday's post showed how the cats spent the day, and mine wasn't much more strenuous than theirs. Well, my back still hurts a bit, and my hands are sore, but nothing major.

On thing that has me nervous is the storm they're forecasting for tomorrow. At this point, they're calling it a "wintry mix", which means it could be rain, snow, or a mix of both with ice. Yuck! Would you send nice, warm, rainy thoughts my way? Because I am not ready to shovel again yet.

Now, I want to share a few things that have caught my eye lately. Something here for everyone: if you don't like the first item, keep looking!

An amazing and entertaining video of a little French girl telling all about what happens in Winnie the Pooh. She has some imagination; I'm pretty familiar with WtP, and don't remember hippos or monkeys. Something about how into the whole story she is really made me smile.

Next, I can't imagine arranging my books this way ... but isn't it strangely beautiful? More gorgeous bookshelf photos here.

Absolutely amazing video of a year's photos in two minutes. Watch the seasons flash past.

The seasons really do go by in a flash, don't they?

Did anyone else love Mad Libs as a kid?

funny pictures - I'm in ur _______, _______ing   ur _______.

I did.

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Kate P said...

That sounds like a pretty decent day off, actually. I had a teachers' in-service today, so no day off for me!

Mad Libs are awesome! (And I am so predictable!)