Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Could-Be-Worse-but-Still-No-Fun Storm, plus hockey=happy (today, anyway)

Today's weather is bad enough (more on that shortly), but what's making me massively uneasy is that more snow is forecast for Friday. No, no no no! On Friday I am leaving on a jet plane, headed to the only one of the 50 states currently without snow, and I really hope the weather does not muck that up. Oh, please.

Sigh. I predict roughly 72 hours of nerves locally.

Well, back to today. Stormy. Messy. This morning, it was powdery snow, about an inch that I almost could blow off my car. When I was about halfway to work, and it had already taken as much time as it usually takes for me to get all the way to work, I started pondering whether I would have stayed home if I'd known the roads would be that bad. Possibly. But in the end, as I was already out, I persevered, and got to work not too much late, and no damage done.

As for this afternoon, it stayed snow until I read a news story telling me that the snow would change to rain only in Boston and south, but would stay snow for north and west of the city. At that point, where I was (which is very much north and west of the city) it promptly changed to rain. Since that meant potentially ice on top of snow, I left work early (at my boss's encouragement). I was prepared for a truly horrible commute.

How many times have I said it: the key to happiness is low expectations. It was slippery getting to my car, and I had to clear about three inches of wet snow off before I could go, but the drive home was, well, fine. I took it slowly, and there were a few areas of standing water, but the traffic wasn't too heavy and the highways not slippery at all. It took less than an hour; I've had longer drives home when weather wasn't a fact0r.

Of course, the rain will mean flooding, and probably ice on top of snow and slush, so I'm not exactly cheering about this storm, just giving credit where it's due. The winter weather really is no fun, though ("If you are me, which I am," as Laurie said today).

Yesterday's Bruins game, on the other hand, was nothing but fun. When you win 7-0*, you aren't doing too much wrong! Chara got his first career hat trick and looked touchingly delighted, Bergeron got another goal and assist (he's on a roll lately), Thomas made some stellar saves ... good times.

*With other recent wins at 6-0 and 7-5, they seem to have less trouble scoring these days than they sometimes have.

It was the first game of a home-and-home with the Hurricanes, so they're down in Carolina tonight, and I hope the Canes don't get their second wind. Build on the win, Bruins, build on the win. I love to watch you ... not sucking.

Yes, I'll say it again: the key to happiness is low expectations. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree.

When I am ready for a fight, geared up with everything I want to say to plead my case, it turns out not to be necessary. It's when I am not expecting a problem that I turn into a mumbling idiot.

Leslie said...

You are SO right! I expect the worst so can be happily surprised with mediocre or delighted with good.

I'm glad you had a decent trip home. Be careful of the crazies in the morning.