Friday, April 17, 2009

So now I have a twitch

Today was not worse than yesterday; it wasn't even as bad. But it wasn't good, and early on I started to notice a periodic twitch in my left eye. I believe I have discovered my own personal, built-in, stress-o-meter!

I am going to give it ice cream, and a hockey game (Bruins won last night! I don't know who's on tonight, but it's the playoffs, I'll watch anyone), and knitting, and cats. Then try to sleep late, and wake twitch-free. Cross your fingers, would you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the twitch. When my eye starts twitching like Chief Inspector Dreyfus', I know I have hit my limit.

Love to you and your dad and your whole family.

Jennifer said...

yes, sleep in! may the evil twitch disappear.

Mom IsAmagpie said...

I just caught up with you via blog (bad friend), I am so sorry CCR. I will be thinking of you, your mother and father. If you need anything let me know, I know I'm far away now but damn it I'll make it happen. If not I'll send Mr. Bunny along with more ice cream if that's whats needed he still works out there.
I get the eye twitch too, I just tell myself that it adds interest to my face. :)