Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hockey, Spring, Music

I have, of course, been enjoying the coverage of the Bruins game almost as much as the game itself. My favorite line so far, from Bostonist:
"We'd also just like to note that Shawn Thornton now has more playoff goals than Joe Thornton. Just sayin'."
Consider that last night I treated my friend to an explanation of just why I never liked Joe before he was traded and got his nose all out of joint and decided to show them and really play (as well as he could have been playing all those years in Boston, which would have meant he wouldn't have been traded) ... well. Yes.

Anyway, time for some signs of Spring. Yes, Spring! It seems it may be coming after all. Not that I'm putting my snow shovel in the basement yet. Living here teaches you not to be over-confident. (I had to scold someone at work today, wondering who the Bruins might face in the second round. No! Bad hockey fan! Don't look past the next game!)

Trees are blooming:

My friend and I agreed as soon as we saw this: the lamp post in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Right? Imagine it with snow. (Who said that? Wash your mouth out with soap!)

I applaud a park that puts (presumably) its grounds-keeping supplies in something that is more than merely utilitarian.

Angles everywhere.

Sunday wasn't as bad as it might have been.

Some music to finish. First, because I heard it on the radio this morning and had to smile the whole time, Rosalita by Bruce. You have to go here; embedding wasn't allowed. The video's good, the sound's good, and it's got that young-goofy Bruce who really is excited about that advance from the record company. I'm not looking at any more to try to find a good one that will embed!

If you want to see good Bruce live, my favorite has to be a little Santa Claus:

I love watching him lose it laughing while Clarence is booming out "ho-ho-ho"s.

An amazing thing, old-school computers "playing" Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, has to be heard to be believed:

Now that's what I call an instrumental version!

And if you need to remember the original version:

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