Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's not the best night.

I was driving home tonight, enjoying the sunshine, on surface roads as the highway was backed up, and realized about an inch short of mirror-to-mirror collision that the car next to me was emphatically not on board with the concept of merging. Because the cars ahead of us were seamlessly merging, one from the left lane, one from the right, one from the left, and so on, I did not immediately realize that just because it was "my turn", this person was choosing to play by his own rules. It gave me a tremendous start, but no harm was done.

Though when there was another merge a mile or two down the road, I was quite uncertain if he would let me go, even though I was a few car-lengths ahead of him by then. Once a driver has done one unpredictable thing, it's hard to trust that they won't do another, right?

The extra sleep that I got last night helped today. (I turned the light out at 8:45.) Getting out of bed this morning was not quite the chore it so often is. However, this afternoon I started to entertain a stomachache, which I Very Much Hope is simply too many snacks, and not the bug that's going around. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And wondering if chicken noodle soup would be a mistake, which might by definition mean that it would be a mistake, if you follow that "logic". It's a sort of "if you have to ask" situation.

Perhaps I will just sit on the couch with ginger ale and watch the Bruins game, and play with needles and yarn. (We call it swatching.) And try to keep Harold off my stomach, which can be a challenge on a good day.

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