Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ow. But Not Major Ow

I had my dentist's appointment uneventfully this evening ("Come back in six months" is great to hear), and now I'm waiting for the discomfort to die down somewhat so I can see if I can eat some soup. At one point, when I had flinched a little, the hygienist said, "What's wrong?" and I wanted to say, "Oh, did you not realize that you're poking my gums with a sharp metal stick?" Maybe everyone isn't as bothered by it as I am. I guess my motto should be "Ridiculously Oversensitive to Everything (except caffeine)."

They were running a little late, which meant that I got to see some of the local news on the waiting room TV, and wow, that was a reminder why I don't watch the news. Breaking! News! Alert! for this, that, and the other--I think the 6 o'clock news started with five or six of those, and honestly, it wasn't anything that groundbreaking.

Meanwhile, I had time before the appointment to run a little errand. Here's what I got.
And why did I buy four pair of doll-sized bunny slippers, you ask?

Well, don't tell, but for Grandma's birthday, Herman (remember Herman?) is stepping out in style. Full credit to Mary Ellen for the idea (once I had vetoed knitting him a sweater, or socks, or leg warmers; I'm such a killjoy).

They have tails!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Herman needs socks.

9:46 PM, March 15, 2017  

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