Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Magazine, Late Luck

I haven't found an answer to why I mysteriously received a fashion magazine the other day, but I threw it in the magazine rack to take a look at, and when I did, came across this interesting spread.
Perhaps it just isn't a style that I like, which doesn't make anything wrong with it, but the matching of frilly with straight lines just doesn't appeal to me. That lacy top over the straight-edge shirt and slacks? No thanks. And the frilly pink top under the zippers-and-seamed dress? No. Not even if it was my goal to look like the HBIC*.
*I had to look it up, another sign I am not the target audience here. Head bitch in charge? Really?

It doesn't seem bad, in my limited exposure to fashion magazines. I like that the models are a range of body types, not all stick-thin. But really, there's a reason I don't read them.

I'm a little late for St. Paddy's Day, but I found this in an old book yesterday.


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