Monday, March 20, 2017

A Magazine Mismatch

When I pulled this out of the mailbox today, I immediately assumed that it had been put in the wrong box, something that happens pretty often in my building.
But a glance at the label showed me that, no, it was addressed to me. Well, mostly: my first name was cut off, sort of like, if my name was Margaret and it was addressed to Margar. Still, the last name and address were right. Puzzling.

The fact that it came today is especially ironic in that today is the day that I have decided to, finally, for real, throw out my ratty Old Navy t-shirt from 1998 (which is a bit of a hint as to my personal "style"). While it was clearly five dollars very well spent, the truth is that its day has passed, it's a bit worn (ahem), and it's time to let go.

I wonder if I'll ever find out why this magazine picked me?


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