Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Just a Little Under

I had a brief period of headache this afternoon, not awful (I always feel I have to say that), but it bothered me, and then even after the head improved the stomach remained ... unsettled. Why are they so connected? Why can't I just have a headache? Anyway, I decided that exercising on top of this feeling would be Not Good, so I gave myself permission to skip, and curled up with the new Patricia Briggs instead (it's good!). And I will go to bed early, and hopefully feel better tomorrow.

I don't feel too badly about missing a night of swimming; the original challenge was to exercise at least an hour a week, and in the weeks since I first joined the gym, I have done that 84% of the time (38% once per week, 46% twice). And the zeros are all weeks when I was either away or sick. So that's not bad.

And yes, I did the math. For someone who doesn't like math that much, I find a strange satisfaction in quantifying such things. Not in calculating them, exactly--thanks to Excel for the actual math--but in having the numbers to back up my feeling that I've been doing decently well, for someone who feels as I do about exercise.

And now, I should go have something (bland) to eat before bed. Cross fingers for tomorrow, eh?


Blogger Jennifer said...

You have been doing AMAZING - by so many measures. Exercise, self care, political activism, etc. I am so proud of you my friend.

7:57 PM, March 08, 2017  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Glad you're taking care of yourself. I had that last week, with the scare of knowing that's how our friend's viral meningitis started--when the body needs a break it demands one and I'm glad you're taking one.

12:18 PM, March 09, 2017  

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