Friday, March 10, 2017

That Friday Night Feeling

While this wasn't a terrible week in any way, I had to laugh at today's page in the Sandra Boynton calendar.

But it's Friday, and I have the weekend to both relax, and get some things done.

For instance, last night I finished knitting this:
Which doesn't look like much here, I admit, but I love it! I have to wash and block it, and blog about it, plus that means it's time to wind some yarn for the next thing! Busy busy knitter.

Plenty of other things to do, of course, but it's Friday night, and at my most ambitious, I'll cook something (simple) for dinner.

One update before I go, though. Last month I wrote about being re-inspired to clear out clutter before moving, and that I wanted to work on it now because I have Way Too Much, so I need lots of time. Just to show that I haven't yet lost interest in the clearing-out project, I want to add to what I listed then:
*One kitchen-trash-size bag of old sheets/towels, to animal shelter, 2/16
*Two small bags of books, to the used bookstore, 2/25
*A bag of shoes, and a large bag of clothing, to Savers, 2/19
So, since then I have filled another kitchen-trash-size bag of clothing, and started to fill another. I also have two more full and one partly full bags of books. Baby steps...


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