Sunday, March 05, 2017

Exhausting, But Important

Another day, another rally ... not quite accurate, but it does feel that way sometimes. Particularly when I had two rallies to chose from this weekend that I would have felt good about supporting (but not enough energy to go to two in one weekend; barely enough for one, really). So I passed on yesterday's rally in support of Planned Parenthood, and went to today's rally in support of trans students. It was organized after the President repealed the bathroom protection thing last week. (Just one of the horrors from this administration; I have never been more ashamed of my country's government than I am this year.) Massachusetts still has its protections in place, but as one of the speakers today said, the need to go to the bathroom doesn't stop at the state line.

I'm not trying to make myself out as some kind of superior person, but I truly don't understand why some people care, and care SO much, about differences between people. The knowledge that our president believes that he is superior to anyone who isn't white, male, straight, and (probably) a billionaire is just depressing. And that so many people apparently agree with his beliefs, and are now feeling free to say and do these awful things...

Anyway. This rally was held on the Common, across from the State House. Don't let the sunshine fool you: it was COLD. Well, without the wind it was just cold, but with the wind, it was miserable. I got into town early (shocking, I know), so I found a Starbucks, got a hot drink, and sat knitting for a few minutes, to settle myself down. Having so many thing I want to oppose is actually really unsettling; reading the Globe this morning, I found myself envying the one-issue voters. At least they only care about one thing. It seems so simple that way. If I want to support women and LGBTQ and immigrants and all these other groups, when am I going to get the dishes done?

Anyway, the coffee and I walked up to the State House.
The crowds weren't like the women's march, but there were enough people that I had no doubt I was in the right place.
They held up signs with pictures of the trans black women who have already been killed this year. It's sickening to look at the photos of these people, just people, and know that they were killed for what they are.
There was a strong focus on inclusivity, on everyone standing up for everyone, which I really appreciated.
This sign says, "You are legitimate. You are loved."
From Standing Rock to Stonewall.
This guy was twirling his sign, which made it hard for me to get both sides.
So this one was taken upside down. Note that he was using a costume sword as a handle.
This man is a new state rep, and spoke of how important it was to him to be there, when he works in the building behind him.
And this girl is 16, and at least ten times as articulate as I ever have been or will be. Just amazing.
After the speakers finished, they moved the crowd to the street to march to Post Office Square.
The crowd had grown by then. (It turns out that one of my friends is in this picture--neither of us knew the other was there.)
I took a few more pictures as they moved on.
Chanting down the street.
So many people.
Signs, flags.
More and more.
And finally, a few Boston cops on bikes, to keep the peace I guess.
Even though I'd only been there an hour, I didn't have it in me to march: between the cold and the standing and the whatever, I just had to get myself home. You know you're cold when the burst of air as you go into Park Street Station feels warm! I put on lip balm and my lips were numb. Got home safely, and have been sitting like a lump. Perhaps I will get out the knitting.

Oh, one last sign, what I carried. One side:
And the other:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's keep the protests going until they are heard by the tiny minds who want to divide instead of unify- be proud of what you are doing- i certainly respect you for doing it-

best regards- barb in texas (where there actually are people who support the 'good causes'- we are not all ted cruz or louie gohmert!!)

8:35 PM, March 05, 2017  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Just reading Gohmert's name gives me a flash of rage. He's AWFUL.

Thank you for going to the rally -- I wish my knees had been up to it. I love the signs you brought.

2:11 PM, March 07, 2017  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Wish I could have been there with you my friend.

7:59 PM, March 08, 2017  

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