Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Facebook

Time for lazy posting, i.e., some of what I've been seeing, liking, and sharing on Facebook recently.

This one actually Leslie shared with me before I saw it on FB: a victory for the Oxford comma in court. Yes! It really is that important!

The NHL will have some players wear microphones during games, so you can hear what they and others around them are saying. This leads to a lot of beeping out bad language! But possibly the funniest example ever comes near the end of the video in this, when two players are chatting amiably between the penalty boxes, after their fight, about how they need to up their cardio workouts.

Some good advice:
I don't even have a smart phone, but this made me laugh.
After the snow this week, the state police shared this photo of a driver they pulled over.
And, of course, my plaintive question to this one:
"But why not?"


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