Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fiber Revival Time

One again, today was the annual Fiber Revival in Newbury MA. (I went last year, and in 2014.) For some reason, although the temperature yesterday was close to 100 (and the "feels like" temp I'm sure was over), and tomorrow is supposed to be the same, today was mostly overcast and about 75. Weather, man, I will never understand. But it did mean that being outside was bearable for longer than it would otherwise have been. We had a very pleasant time, shopping and then sitting and knitting.

Most of my pictures are of the animals on the farm, though I don't remember seeing a cat there before.
The horse, yes.
And donkey, and one of several sheep.
This goat felt strongly that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Can you argue?
Then the sheep...
...was approached by the goat...
...who did an amazing hop into the air, just before I got my camera up. Then they went back to eating as though nothing had happened. Okay!
Two giant pigs, snoozing.
Goat, chilling.
The Pinestar Studio booth had some weaving, as well as yarn and fiber. Pretty cool!
I got a skein there, this lovely multicolored skein of Linda's Car Socks, which is merino with cashmere and nylon.

And at Mad Color Fiber Arts, I got a skein of self-striping yarn, Whim, in Bruins colors.
The colorway is named Helga, after Helga Hufflepuff.

If you're thinking that it looks a lot like the socks I'm currently knitting, you're not far wrong, and you have been paying attention, haven't you?
But this one is supposed to knit into wider stripes, and I couldn't resist.

I also couldn't resist this greeting card (which I will probably frame, rather than send to anyone), from Mulberry Marsh Designs. She said his name is Machu, and she takes more pictures of him than of Pichu, who is black and harder to get good photos of.
You can see that the card got a little curved in my bag; it's currently under a book, getting all nice and flat again.



Blogger goosefairy said...

That first skein is gorgeous and the first thought that came to mind on the second was, hey that's hufflepuff colors! Too funny.

1:56 PM, August 14, 2016  

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