Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Still Feeling the End of the Weekend

I had what even I would admit was an overly ambitious to-do list for the weekend, so it isn't surprising that I didn't get to everything, but I didn't get as much done as I had hoped I would. Part of that is thanks to the time I spent reading a book that I wasn't fully enjoying, but wanted to know what was going to happen, only to have it end by, rather than explaining even part of the "why" behind the concept, just making it more opaque. Argh! Not going to read more of that series, so there. I mean, I can deal with cliffhangers, if reluctantly (for instance, when waiting for the third book in a really good trilogy to come out, I can be a little crabby), but literally not resolving one thing? Making the core mystery more mysterious? Gee, thanks but no thanks.

Anyway, Sunday night I somewhat abruptly decided I was Olympic-ed out, and rather than watching the closing ceremonies, I started watching Sherlock instead (which I got from the library on DVD [season 1], though really I could just watch it on Netflix, and will for the rest). It's good, isn't it? Have you watched it? I am not on the bandwagon that thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is is super-handsome, but he's certainly doing interesting things with this role. Watching on...


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