Friday, June 05, 2015

Stream of ... Non-Coherence

Was it a long, long, weird week for everyone? I know it wasn't just for me, my whole office seems to have gone through that this week, but wow. Happy Friday night, squared.

It was nice to see the sun today. I hope it comes out tomorrow, too.

Tomorrow I'm going to a bridal shower/brunch! That should be fun, and it isn't super-early, plus will leave me much of the day to do other things. Followed by a hockey game to watch at night. Perfect.

We got free lunch at work today. No such thing? Well, a lunch that I had to neither prepare nor pay for, but that I had to eat awkwardly in a conference room with all my coworkers.

And at the same time, we learned that one of my coworkers has given his notice--actually not someone I ever worked with (although we were in the same office when I started), but one of the learn-to-knitters, and a really interesting guy, so the group will feel his loss. (He's decided to get out of graphic design; his explanation sounded a bit like what I imagine mine did when I gave notice to get back into editing. [And to get away from the specific company...but also to get back to editing.])

Goosefairy asked yesterday if Belmont is still around, and the answer is yes. Generally either mouthing off, or sleeping; little in between. Perhaps she will sit for a portrait sometime soon.

...Was there something else?


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