Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Quiet Prep Day

Since I didn't have anything else on the docket today, I could intersperse packing and trip preparation with reading and cat maintenance*, making for a pleasantly non-rushed day. And the weather was perfect for making me appreciate my destination, since 70 and rain moving in is not my idea of summer weather. I painted my toenails, and my feet got cold before I could put slippers back on: ridiculous.
*They have no idea that I was trying to give them extra attention, of course; they take it in stride, and want more. Cats.

Other than the morning things, I just have to zip up the suitcase and put away a few things I didn't use, and I'll be set to go. I'm going to have dinner, wash a few dishes, and take out the trash, things like that, then get ready for bed.

Leaving, on a jet plane... Have a good week, everyone!


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