Friday, June 26, 2015

Of Hockey and Not Much Packing (yet)

Well, the Bruins have made some interesting moves today, if you define interesting as "only time will tell if they make any sense whatsoever".
  • Since they couldn't afford to re-sign Soderberg, they traded his rights for draft picks.
  • They couldn't come to terms with Dougie Hamilton, only one of their best defensemen (and man, I think he's only 22, too), so they traded him for ... draft picks.
  • And then they traded Lucic to LA for an AHL player, a prospect, and  ... a draft pick. (And Lucic went on record that he was happy to be going to a team that knows how to win, which, ouch, dude, that is so tacky.)
The thinking was that perhaps, with the three draft picks they had mid-first round this year, perhaps they were planning something to move up, but either they weren't, or they couldn't make a deal, so they picked three guys (including one, picked at #15, who was estimated to go at #40, so way to pick down, guys. Lord.) who might, with luck, play in the NHL in a couple of years. Man, I hope this comes to make more sense sometime.

Meanwhile, I did some laundry, ran a few errands, went for a walk, and otherwise piddled about doing this and that. Tomorrow I have to buckle down and get to packing, as I leave Sunday morning at oh-god-hundred.

Speaking of the trip, I remember thinking when I made the reservation, early in May, that "by that time, it will be warm here!" Which it has been, at times, and then it gets cool again, and then warmer, and hot, and almost warm, and ... what we have not achieved is consistency. So I am delighted to be spending a week where I can expect the same weather every day.

And the fact that it's hot doesn't bother me a bit, thank you.

Plus, you know, my mama.


Blogger Mary Ator said...

Safe travels!

2:29 PM, June 27, 2015  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Safe trip!! Give your mom my best!

3:44 PM, June 27, 2015  

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