Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A Time to Whine, and a Time to Moan

So, I was in bed at 7 last night. If I hadn't also closed the window, Carlos would have had his Best Night Ever. Even so, he was pretty happy about it.

I didn't fall asleep right away, but just lying there with my eyes closed felt so incredibly good, I had no impulse to get up again. In fact, I woke up out of a deep sleep to go to the bathroom, and it was 9:15 (that was disorienting). Clearly, there was a migraine hangover element to the exhaustion, though today I was also thinking about how ready I am for vacation; I think that's part of it, too. Everything irritated me today. Let me vent:
  • I went back to the doctor's office to give blood, again (remember how I said I hated fasting?), because when I gave it before, they didn't test it for the right thing. So because of their mistake, I had to fast again. This time I brought a smoothie, and carried it in with me; I drank half of it before I even got back to the car.
  • I'm finishing up a conference at work, and am at the stage where I am so sick of the subject matter, I want to puke. (I actually finished it today, but still.)
  • There's a thing with my boss that I won't go into, and it's supposed to be addressed soon, but so far it hasn't been.
  • At a meeting today, there was discussion of yet another issue that the production department has come back to us with: they seem to thrive on finding problems for us to fix. I am so sick of these discussions, where "we" have to try to figure out what exactly their problem boils down to, so we can see where in our workflow we can fit a solution to it. And then, when that still doesn't work, or causes other problems, change it again. And again. (No one expects me to fix it, not that they would mind if I did, but just hearing about the problems stresses me out.)
  • On a side note, I sometimes think that the parent company bought the little independent company (which is what caused the expansion that led to my job, so I don't want to run it down) by saying, "Wow, what you do is so different, this is great!" and then we constantly have to deal with Production saying, "You do this differently, we can't handle that, please change."
  • It's cold, and raining, and it's June. At this rate, when I do go to Florida, the change will be much more dramatic than it should be in summer. I mean, by the end of June in Boston, I feel like it should be in the 80s, and it will be in the 90s in Florida. Considering that today, the beginning of June, was, again, 50 degrees here...
  • Also, since my condo has shared heating/cooling systems, I don't have direct, personal control over my temperature (had I thought more about that before I fell in love with the place...). And a few weeks ago, someone decided that it was now time for air conditioning, and switched us over. Which means that, even with all the vents closed against the cold air, it is 65 degrees in here right now. Brr!
  • And though I was hoping that all this rain would wash away a lot of pollen, my allergies have actually been bothering me more in the last few days than they were previously.
Whew! I think that's everything. It feels good to get it out. So how are you?


Blogger Leslie said...

Pardon me for sounding grumpy but I'm in day 4 of calling in sick to the world (and have to drive the car to get the rent payment in on time which torques me off no end in my present condition) BUT

It's a pretty small condo complex from the sound of things, so why don't you just call or go knock on the door of whomever is the holder of the keys to the HVAC and tell him to STDTO (Shut the Damn Thing Off) until it's spring weather again.

That is all. I'm going back to trying to pay my bills and wish the Bank America site and dear, darling Eversource would fix whatever the blink their problem is so I could pay and get it done with.

Feel better.

12:51 PM, June 03, 2015  
Blogger Alice said...

I was just complaining to coworkers today how I don't understand why the last 2 days of rain has made my allergies WORSE! What is going on?? I mean sure, I have mold and mildew and fungus allergies, but is 2 days really enough to get those fired up?? Normally this would be good because it washes away all the pollen in the air. SO WEIRD.

Hope the 7pm bedtime helped :)

3:46 PM, June 03, 2015  

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