Thursday, June 18, 2015

Natural Mood Enhancement

While I am not going out and getting a kitten myself (poor Carlos, he has enough to deal with), I have to agree that it is hard to be depressed around one. So tiny! So energetic! So cute! So unaware of things like the law of gravity.

A rare still moment by the track ball.
A lot of the pictures I got of Mr Perpetual Motion were blurry, what a surprise.
He was fascinated by my shoelaces.
As well as the camera cord, my jeans, my socks, the toy I brought, toys he had ... it's all fascinating.
We played with him for about half an hour, then went out to get lunch. When we got back, we learned that we had worn him out.
He woke up, but was not interested in getting up. Hand for scale.
I tore myself away and ran some errands, including to Wilson's for more peas (must enjoy the season while it lasts). Driving on, I realized that my folding chair was still in the trunk from Sunday, and since it was a beautiful day, I stopped at a pond and sat in the sun for a few minutes, enjoying it.
Being out of work does have a few bright sides, after all.

Plus, I inspired a woman finishing up a walk as to what to do about dinner; she was pretty funny. She told me about her grandmother, shelling peas from her garden, and how for a woman with 15 children, sitting down to the task probably felt like a vacation!


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