Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Day

Today had its pleasantries:
  • knitting with Mary Ellen over coffee
  • going to the chiropractor
  • making plans to have lunch tomorrow with a (former) coworker, and meet her new kitten
  • pizza for dinner--and salad!
It had its successes:
  • turning in the paperwork the parent company needed, and overcoming tech obstacles to do so (with only minimal snark)
  • buying a plant hanger
  • updating my resume on Monster and Indeed
And it had its failures:
  • I got the new bike seat onto the bike, but though it should be secure as far as I can manage/tell, it is clearly Not Right, and I Cannot Deal Right Now

Meanwhile, I saw this on the road today:
And I keep wondering, who is Ed and why do drivers want him? Ideas?

(I also saw a Ford pickup truck with a BMW logo where the Ford should be, so alternate question: who does he think he's fooling thereby?)

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Want to drive a cab? That phone number is for "Taxi Time" in Melrose and it seems they're looking for drivers? It would certainly be different from your usual work.