Friday, April 24, 2015

Random and Onward

Passing Random Thought
‚ÄčI knew that this month was the sixth anniversary of my dad's death, but I realized today that the actual day is tomorrow, the 25th. It's an impossible amount of time both ways, since it somehow feels like he just died, and that he's been gone forever. How are you supposed to go on when part of your foundation is removed?

That said, it isn't as constantly painful as it was in the beginning. I can see ads for Father's Day without wanting to cry, for instance. What does still get me, for some reason, is videos of fathers at their daughters' weddings (including ones where the dad in question is nothing like mine). Even though I'm not married, nor getting married, nor all that likely to get married, I can't see those without missing him. Kind of funny, isn't it? That I would get sad about him not being at a mythical event, instead of something more concrete. The mind is a strange thing.

Meanwhile, Tonight
I've started some laundry, to get a head start on my weekend, and I'm poking at the yarn storage/moving into the office project, playing around with doing a bit of that. Both cats think I should be spending all my time with them, there's a hockey game on*, and I need to eat something other than popcorn at some point.
 *Not one I care about, but I use the playoffs to wean myself off for the summer.

Not that there's anything wrong with popcorn, but I'm still hungry. Peace, out.


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