Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mostly Knitting Updates. Mostly Socks.

The weekend has been a pretty good mix for me, both getting things done and lazing around. I've had some headache moments, but nothing lasting, for which I am grateful, as headaches interfere with both getting things done and the enjoyment of lazing around. The cats have each had cuddle time, and I've gotten some knitting in.

I actually had quite a lot of knitting time on Friday. First, at work, since we had a three-hour meeting that required very little in the way of note-taking, and nothing of contribution beyond introductions, I brought the purse sock in with me. However, I had miscalculated, and it wasn't an hour into the meeting when it was at this stage:
I sat, trying not to twitch, or to think about the next sock, which I actually had in the car (since I was going to a potluck dinner with friends after work, and had realized I would need more knitting for that). With an hour or more left, they called a five-minute "comfort break" that gave me just enough time to run down to the car. Phew! Here's where that one was on Saturday:
I think I'll call these the color-block rainbow socks. The transition from purple to blue is subtle, but you can see what's coming.
Now, the chances are that I won't finish this pair on my trip, particularly with another project brought along for the plane (I'm thinking I'll bring the 2-in-1 socks, though I may change my mind), but I'm taking no chances and bringing more yarn with me. (Yes, to a city with lots of lovely yarn stores. Shut up.) I wound some today.

I may sound crazy, but believe me, I'm not as crazy with my yarn as I am without it.

P.S. You may have noticed that I turned the comment verification off last weekend, to see if I could stand the amount of junk-commenting. So far, there hasn't been a flood, and Blogger's filter has caught it all. But do you know what post most of it has gone on? I'm talking 15 to 3. Go on, guess. This one. Isn't that circular?


Blogger goosefairy said...

No, it totally makes sense to bring your yarn even in a city that has lots. I get that.

10:28 AM, August 25, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

Of course you're bringing "just in case" yarn with you. Why not? One would hope you'd have time to get to a new yarn store, but not knowing what your brother has in store you'd be foolish not to.

Speaking of oldies and goodies - you had ask about how people dress their feet a few months ago (right sock and shoe or both socks and then the shoes). I couldn't answer before but after a summer spent barefoot in the house, I can tell you than when I dress for the fitness center in the mornings, it's left sock, left shoe, right sock then right shoe. Did you ever get any other answers to that?

7:04 PM, August 25, 2014  

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