Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cats. Because Why Not

August 24th is my dad's birthday. Is? Was? The tense is hard to pin down. When in doubt, write around it: My dad was born on August 24. He would have been 85 this year. This is where I'm supposed to say that I can't believe it's been over five years since he died, but I can believe it. I miss him. Not in a super-painful-every-day-hurts way, but a few of my friends have had parents die this year, and it brings it back again, the memory of when it was that.

Which does make it especially nice to have family things to look forward to right now. My mother is flying in on Wednesday, and on Thursday we fly to San Francisco to visit my brother. Yay! And Apple Festival is coming up fast. I look at the calendar for September and October, and it's hard to live in the moment. Lots coming!

Someone has no trouble living in the moment.
And she likes it when the moment is snuggled up, and even on me, purring.
Which is cute enough to help me forgive that she still hisses at Carlos sometimes.

As for Himself?
Cats can't exactly flip the bird, but I believe he is flipping her the extra claw here.
"This is my house, and that's my mama. You know it, I know it."


Blogger Leslie said...

My father would have been 100 yesterday. He's been gone more than 30 years but yesterday I still woke up and said "Happy birthday, Daddy."

It's good to see the kids are getting along better.

7:38 PM, August 23, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

Your little Latin lover is jealous, I see. Whaddya gonna do?

It really means something that you miss your dad--he sounds like somebody special. My mom was remembering her mom this week too.

10:01 PM, August 24, 2014  
Blogger goosefairy said...

I lost both my parents two years ago. My father May 6 and my mother August 29. It still hurts.

10:25 AM, August 25, 2014  

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