Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today in Brief Bullets

  • Woke before the alarm with the head worse again, damn it. Took tums and excedrin, and it passed in time for me to go to work as usual. Hooray for when it works.
  • Work day. This problem and that, nothing too unusual. 
  • Brought up a question on one article's suitability, and the veep of ed agreed, which was nice.
  • Finalized plans over e-mail for a potluck dinner with friends on Friday. It takes us two weeks and 87 messages to get it all lined up. How did we ever do this before e-mail?
  • Faced the fact that there are those who do not remember "before e-mail" and felt briefly very old. Also defiant: I remember before VCRs! Before answering machines! Before CDs! Whole technological advances have come and gone in my memory.
  • Back to reality, and to Petsmart to stock up on food for the babies.
  • To Target for, well, everything else.
  • Swung by Mary Ellen's to pick up something she had for me. It is a thing of wonder. I must photograph it to show you.
  • Got a pizza.
  • Came home, unloaded perishables, scarfed pizza, then sat with the boy, who was Sad and Meowy.
  • Brought in the rest of the shopping, sorted it out.
  • Sat with Belmont, who was sad and screechy.
  • Folded towels from last night's laundry.
  • Blogged.
  • Off to bike before bed. Carlos thinks I should have been done and there half an hour ago. Poor misguided kitty, sad and meowy still.


Blogger Kate P said...

There is a lot of "sad and meowy" going around. Is it the weather? I haven't slept in days. Glad you are feeling better.

10:47 PM, August 20, 2014  

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