Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amusement in Spam

I was checking my spam folder the other day (because once in a very great while, a real message gets caught in the net), and was amused at what I found there. (Click on the image to see it more clearly.)
My issues with these oh-so-real messages:
  • Top: Oh, yes, a job-search message would start Dear Friend! Because job hunting is so friendly, don't you know.
  • Middle: Very likely subject line, sent by Resume at justin bieber never. I am so sure.
  • Bottom: A VERY URGENT message that "Patrick" hopes will not offend my "moral values". Well, Patrick, I hope your proposition wouldn't have offended my moral values, but I didn't open it, so I'm afraid we'll never know.
Any spam tickled your funny bone lately?


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