Thursday, August 07, 2014

What's the Word? I'm too tired to think of it.

Brain-dead. Bludgeoned. Just so, so tired. And so grateful that all the programs are done; I do have to work tomorrow, but we can start getting settled down now, after weeks of upset. The HR workshop we had today (DISC training, if you're familiar, it was very interesting actually) pointed out my disinterest in change*, as if I needed to know.
*Or not so much in changing as in being changed, which is a fine distinction

I had to go to Petsmart after work, since we were getting close to running out of cat food; in fact, according to Belmont, we ran out of preferred flavors a few days ago, so hopefully this new infusion will cut down on the bitching. I no have the energy for that.

Now it is time to crash on the couch. Please send someone over to provide a very gentle neck-and-shoulder massage.
Thank you.


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