Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Bits and Odd Photos

My routine mammogram was this morning, uncomfortable but tolerable. Please join me in crossing fingers that I won't get called back again, though; THAT was close to intolerable, and I would be happy to never get that kind of focused screen again. Please and thank you, amen.

I went to file some papers today, and decided to do a chunk of the "do I really need everything stuffed in these file drawers?" assessment, a task I have to face in pieces rather than all at once. I came across the medical records for Pan and Harold, and was comfortable letting them go; after all, it's coming up on six years since Pan died, five for Harold, and it's not like the papers were photographs or something more tangibly full of memories. Not all good ones, anyway.

But I was surprised to get suddenly very sniffly when I saw the earliest records with the names the Humane Society had assigned before I adopted them. Good-bye to Sean and Sir Thomas of Toomey. Or, not quite goodbye: the other records went into the recycling (with a chiming of metal rabies tags into the trash), but I kept out those two little folders. It isn't quite time for them yet.

I made my hotel reservation for Rhinebeck! Yarn and sheep and fun, oh my. Not to mention the smaller but more immediate thrill of crossing something off the to-do list. Check!

Also, this week I finished the first of the current bike socks; it took me about three months, which means that I haven't been riding the bike enough, but I have at least been riding it some. Mixed results, we'll call it. I'm happy with the sock, at any rate:
The yarn is Fleece Artist Somoko (bought in PEI!), my first time using, and it has nice definition and minimal fuzz for a yarn with mohair in it.
Of course the true test will come in the wearing, but that won't be for a while. I was on the bike five days this week, though, just to pat myself on the back.

Shopping in Home Goods can be inspiring or just odd, and on a recent trip I found both.
I think they need to change the sign on this side, you know? And as for the following sign placement, well, if it's intentional, it's pretty snarky, and if it's clueless, well, it's pretty clueless.
Since I at least would call fat free caramel corn only slightly better than sugar free. Not worth wasting tastes on, and certainly no treat. Who's with me?

In another store, I saw these multilingual treats and was amused.
That's some morbid chocolate, eh?

Speaking of odd shopping, I saw these interesting items in a liquor store. Since I don't go to liquor stores often, I don't know if these are as odd to others as they seemed to me. Your thoughts?
Dogs and cats, glugging wine together?

And in odd non-shopping, while I was sorting through those papers, I found one I'd meant to share with you a while back. I don't know how I get on these mailing lists, honestly.
Who can explain to me why the Visa Black card, "Made of Stainless Steelsm" (sic, god knows) is worth $495 a year? And, if it isn't, what they could give you that would make it worth that? For instance, if it were sending me good yarn every month I paid on time...


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Those wine bottle holders are... unique? That's the most polite thing I can think of...

And gee, you don't want to pay 500 bucks a year to have a credit card made of metal? Whyever not?

10:29 PM, August 16, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

I guess the cat and dog graduated from keg stands? Weird!

12:35 PM, August 17, 2014  

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