Tuesday, August 19, 2014

​I'm Back!

Yeah, I had a headache most of Sunday and Monday. It went up and down on Sunday, varying between "well, I'm capable of cutting my fingernails, I guess, or I could sort through these papers" and "owww, why is this happening to meeeee?" levels. Monday it was more steady, but unfortunately annoying enough that I couldn't go in to work; my job requires a minimal level of brain capacity that I just didn't reach, much as I hate that.

Here's an example of how out of it I was: I was sitting on the couch with Belmont, and she stood up and expressed an interest in my glass of water. I sat there and watched her drink out of my water glass; by the time it occurred to me to try to stop her, it was too late. (And then I got up, put that glass in the dishwasher, and got myself a clean glass. I wasn't THAT out of it, fortunately.)

By evening, I was feeling somewhat better, enough that I could go to stitch and bitch, eat something resembling real food, and think about something other than my head for whole minutes at a time. It was good. And I went to bed on the early side, which probably helped too.

Today I felt tender but much better. Nothing like a migraine episode to make me grateful to be able to go to work! Though Carlos would have preferred that I stay home. He does not understand the relationship between going to work and bringing home cat food.

Speaking of whom, someone is calling me.
 Where iz my mama?


Blogger Jennifer said...

So glad you are feeling better my friend.

2:30 PM, August 20, 2014  

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