Sunday, June 15, 2014

Peaceful Coexistence

A couple of people have asked how the cats are doing, and the answer is remarkable well so far, though I will say that this would be easier to write if Miss Thing would stop stepping on or laying on the keyboard; if she had her way, this post would start with six inches of emptiness. It would also be easier if I weren't stupid tired, which I am; I woke up too early (and was too hungry to go back to sleep), then spent a few hours sitting in the sun today, which was delightful but seems to have been enervating as well. There are worse problems to have. I guess. Yawn.

Anyway, the cats! They really are doing well. I've been giving her open access for longer and longer, and she comes around sniffing before finding a closet corner and taking a long nap. If Carlos gets too close, she hisses and growls at him, but it's very much defensive, a warning not to come closer, and importantly, is not notice that she's about to attack. For his part, Carlos is clearly puzzled, and he doesn't like it when I spend time with her (or even just in the office, though the door is open and she isn't there). I'm still putting her away at night, which she doesn't seem to mind, mostly because I'm tired enough without the potential for disturbed sleep. I think, though, that I'll leave her out tomorrow. They both seemed fine, yesterday and today, when I was out.

This was from Wednesday night.
Slightly blurry in low light, but it beats the one I didn't get a picture of. I was at the computer yesterday, no camera in reach, with my foot at the edge of the blanket she's been sleeping on. She came along, curled up, put her chin and paw on my foot, and took a nap. Adorable! And you just have to take my word for it.


Blogger Jennifer said...

So glad things seem to be going well kitty wise. Love you.

10:31 AM, June 19, 2014  

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