Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here I Am!

I got a bit philosophical on the drive in to work this morning, which is unusual for me at that hour of the day. I was stopped at a traffic light behind one vehicle, which was signalling a right turn, as I also intended to make. When the light turned green, the driver dithered his way forward, as though there was a lot to consider in the concept of going, while from across the intersection, someone making a left turn bulled his way in between the idiot's car and mine. Jerk, right? Which got me thinking, which would you rather deal with, an idiot or a jerk?

Anyway. Onward. It hasn't been my week for blogging, has it? And tomorrow night the boss has invited us to have a happy hour, so who knows how that will go; I may get home with stories to tell, or too tired to turn the computer on*. As for last night, I'm happy to report that it was a combination of laziness and cramps that kept me off the computer, nothing more serious.
 *It needs replacing so badly anyway; right now it's driving me crazy making all sorts of working-so-hard noises when it isn't supposed to be doing anything. I mean, a little whirring is one thing, but this is seriously stupid noise for what I'm doing.

Well, that and a little cat-juggling: I wanted to spend time with Belmont, since I hadn't spent much with her on Tuesday night OR on Monday night, what with the headache-and-knitting-group-ness of Monday and the NHL-Awards-and-peas-ness of Tuesday, and of course my sitting in the office for half an hour with her last night put Carlos's nose completely out of joint, so then I had to spend some time with him ... they need to chill out, soon, already. I tried leaving her out for the night last night, mostly from inertia, and as I tried to get to sleep, between the heat and the humidity and the cramps, Carlos kept waking me over and over, mrrping, even though as far as I can tell she was in the closet the whole time. I finally gave up, lured her out with food, and shut her in the office so that he would settle down already and let me sleep. Between that and the cramps, I was heavy-eyed today. Bleargh.

Tuesday's head was better than Monday's head, which had been better than Sunday's head. Yay, I guess? Monday I was functional, mostly, but that was about the best that could be said. It wasn't an easy day by any means, especially given what I was working on ("challenging"), but I'd rather not rub their face in my migraines until they've decided they can't live without me, and we're not quite there yet. Yesterday the cramps were the factor, not the head, and much the same today. Bleargh, as I said.

The NHL awards, though, mustn't forget them! My boy Bergeron won the Selke again (that's for defensive forward, which fits him to a T), and also the NHL Foundation Player award (which, um, okay, whatever, I guess it's for his charity work), and was announced as the cover boy for the video game NHL 15. Ahh. Tuukka also won the Vezina (or, as he called it, "the goalie one"), and Chara didn't win the Norris, which is too bad but whatever. A good night for the Bruins, overall, and especially for my favorite.

One more thing about that NHL 15 cover announcement: it was preceded by a weird dance-off thing with these dancers in Montreal colors (for the other finalist) and Bruins colors, dancing at each other. It was supremely weird, and I can't believe video of it isn't on the internet. How is that possible? Not one person thought it needed to be up? As WEEI said, "having a group of masked dancers point to a video screen to reveal Bergeron as the NHL 15 cover athlete — with no further acknowledgement of it from anyone — was laughably weird." But here's a still shot of them with Subban:
See what I mean?

By the way, in unrelated news, if I may pat myself on the back, I rode the bike for a few minutes last night, in spite of the cramps. Less than 10, but still, more than zero! I will try to get back on tonight, which means I'd better wrap up this now.

Don't forget to weigh in: jerk or idiot?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Heh. "Pea-ness." (I am a 12-year-old sometimes. Heeee!)

Jerk or idiot... oh man. So often idiots ARE jerks, and vice versa! But on the whole I'd rather deal with someone who is clueless but pleasant, provided they're willing to learn. It's easier to deal with a library patron who needs a little extra hand-holding than it is to tolerate the rude, entitled people who figure that, since you work in a public library, you work directly for them, you know?

7:56 PM, June 26, 2014  
Blogger Kate P said...

They're both idiots--stupid moves. Almost makes me want to take public transportation. ALMOST.

Been there, too, Mary Ellen!

11:48 AM, July 02, 2014  

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