Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hockey, hockey, hockey

I was looking online recently to see if there were Bruins pet sweaters, or something similar (I'll explain why in a minute), and I happened across the NHL shop and the many objects for sale there. The short answer is that there was nothing there for pets. But what a lot of amazing things there are, for the Bs fan with some extra cash in his* pocket!

*Or her pocket, of course, but I'm not buying most of this stuff even if I win the lottery. If I bought anything, it would probably be the Bruins Tervis tumblers (in many different sizes, yet!). But I think I can live without even them.

Among the Bruins items available are some wonders, including a Bruins-specific Mister Potato Head, Bruins-garbed rubber duckies, and my personal favorite, in the I-would-never-buy-it, but-am-amazed-it-exists sense, Bruins Tiffany lamps. Seriously. Take a look.


And why was I looking for pet gear from the Bruins? Well, it just so happens that my beloved Bruins are facing Kate's beloved Flyers in this round, so it's wager time, and we're working out a bit of a deal. That is, Kate threw down the gauntlet, and as a loyal Bruins fan of very long standing, I have to pick it up. The thing is, though, what fits the criteria of mailable Boston delicacy? If Philly wins the series (ouch), what should I send Kate? I'm drawing a blank so far. Even when I lived in NC, I can't think of any really-Boston-specific thing I craved. (Mum, do you remember anything?) Boston is known for lobster, chowder, Boston cream pie, Boston baked beans ... either not mailable or not (in my opinion) delicacies. What am I forgetting? Do I have to go to a tourist trap to jog my memory?

Meanwhile, as I'm not knitting for my cats (I have too much yarn in my home to want them to learn that yarn can be for cats to play with), I was curious what else might be out there, hence the search above. I wasn't really planning to buy them anything, so I'm not worried that the answer was Not Much.

Meanwhile meanwhile*, Game One was this afternoon. And the Bruins did really well, coming out strong, not letting up, and winning 7-3 in the end. The power play is still powerless, and they took too many penalties themselves, but otherwise it was a good overall effort and fun for a Bruins fan to watch, with a cat on her lap and knitting in her hands.

*which is the equivalent of saying, "On the other other hand..."

And if I sound pleased but not exuberant, it's because in a 7-game series, fans usually get to wear both masks. We enjoy the smiling side, but don't expect it to last forever. Enjoy today.



Blogger Kate P said...

All right, the Bruins may be up one game right now. . . don't get too comfortable. :)

I dunno, maybe something tourist-y from Boston would suffice. I have no Boston-themed shot glasses, for example. (Well, truth be known I have no shot glasses at all. Maybe I should start. Especially if the Flyers keep playing like this.)

10:18 PM, April 30, 2011  
Blogger Hunny Bunny said...

Well I hope you don't have to send anything along! When we were out of the area I really missed Wachusett Ketchup potato chips. There is also good maple syrup, hmm...
Here is a wiki it mentions Whoopie Pies.

1:33 AM, May 01, 2011  
Blogger Leslie said...

It's only the post office that has a "thing" about sending liquid. Legal Seafood has an entire selection available for UPS delivery through their on-line site. I've also shipped maple syrup to some lucky folks.

The long Bruins lamp is for over the billiards table while the round one is probably to be found over the pour station in the home theater??? Either way, neither is to my taste either.

I'm loving my security word -- leansvc -- leans sugary very delicious ;-D

9:24 AM, May 01, 2011  
Blogger Kali said...

Should such a need come to pass (perish the thought!) you might consider knitting a Bruins coaster or washcloth. That's Boston-y, isn't it?

My security word is 'bling' - Love it!

7:49 PM, May 01, 2011  

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