Wednesday, November 10, 2010

At Last, the Boat Tour in the Everglades

I promised last week that I would share pictures I took on the boat ride through the Everglades, and I'd like to think I wouldn't have forgotten even if I didn't have bug bites still itching to remind me.

Fun fact: did you know that when no-see-ums are swarming around pestering you, you may not realize they're biting you, because unlike mosquito bites, they don't start itching right away? True for me! Which means you can get bitten dozens of times without knowing it! Isn't that something?

It was about 24 hours before they started to itch, and then about 24 hours of insane itching. And ten days later, the bites are still there, not much itchy except when bumped or rubbed against something, like, you know, bed sheets. It's been fun.

But! The boat ride was worth it, and next time I'll have bug spray for the waiting period, and hopefully will not pay the itchy price for the fun of the experience, the birds, the rainbow, the sunset, and the photos to remind me of all of the above.

As always, clicking on the photos opens them bigger. It's worth it, as most of them have birds in the shot somewhere, pretty cool birds, and they benefit from enlargement.

In summary: if you find yourself near Everglades City, take the boat ride. Just don't forget bug spray!



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