Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Counting down to Saturday

Another two-fer! Monday was a Sand Dollar, today was a Harbor Light. Nothing like good chocolate when you need a lift on a busy, busy day.

Today was that day, but it was still better than the not-as-busy yesterday, because today my head didn't hurt. Sing it with me! There's nothing like the post-headache non-headache feeling. The cautious feeling of worry, it is really gone? Combined with the lack of pain that is a palpable, perceptible thing.

It's good.

Yesterday wasn't even as bad as Sunday evening became, but bad enough. I was baby-sitting (after all), and after the boys were in bed I dully watched the Bruins game (hint: playing two periods well is Not Good Enough), trying to knit, failing to have the energy to hold the needles or focus on the pattern. By the time I got home, the tide was going out, and today has been better. Yay for better.

I even made dinner tonight, so lunches for the rest of the week are taken care of. You know, the next three days that I have to work before my mommy gets here? Talk about yay! She offered to take the express bus from the airport to the suburbs near me, and I explained that I need to hug her as soon as humanly possible, so I will go to the airport.

I don't know where the evening goes, though. I need to put the leftovers away and get ready for bed already. Time's evaporative powers are strong this week.


Blogger Leslie said...

Mom's coming for Christmas? Wonderful treat for you! And she'll get to meet Miri and see your wonderful tree :)

It's amazing how happy it makes me to know she'll be with you for the holiday. Maybe there'll even be just a couple of inches of white fluffy stuff so she can remember why the heck she moved to Florida...

9:51 AM, December 16, 2009  

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