Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I'm not starting this with a clear idea of which is which. Let's start with the easy one:

The Ugly. Blisters.

I have twelve blisters on my feet. Twelve! I can't even remember the last time I had one, and I have twelve.

To be fair, 8 of them are fairly small. At least in comparison. I'm not so obsessive about them. They are Overshadowed.

Two of them creep me out a little. They're Really Big. They don't actually hurt, at least since I haven't whacked them against anything yet (and given my coordination skills, that's actually impressive), but they worry me for the future. They're not Pain, they're Potential Pain.

The last two are Pain. They're the ones that were popped, red, and irritated by the time I bought the flip-flops on Thursday. (Have I reached Too Much Information yet?) Last night and this morning they were kind of painful (I'm trying to be understated, is it working?), but with more goop and big bandages, they're better now. Maybe the worst is done with them? Maybe?

Unfortunately, I can't go shoe-shopping until there's improvement, and I don't even want to try on the sock I'm knitting, though I'm almost done and curious about the fit. Soon, soon. God grant me patience, and I want it now.

In other news (good? bad? up to you), I did get my first severance check this week, and also notice from unemployment that my claim is official. They don't say when the payments will show up, but all in good time, I guess.

I sent my resume to another agency yesterday.

I bought another interview outfit, way on sale.

I may have (ahem) arranged to buy some yarn on sale. Details later, with certainty.

Oh, all right, this is getting dull even to me. Let's talk about something more fun!

Last week, while visiting my parents, I was noodling around on the computer one day and decided to check my blog site statistics. I don't look at them that often, but after having been on Sitemeter for some time, I recently signed up with Statcounter, and I wanted to fiddle around with it some more.

When I signed in, I thought there was a mistake at first. To give you an idea of why, here are the visits for the last two weeks, as of tonight:

I looked at it on the 30th, and you can see why I thought that spike must be an error. Turns out, it's not. A site/blog called Tipnut had written about making scrubbies, and linked to a number of places online to learn how, and the first one on the list? Yeah, hi! That would be me.

I never thought, when I posted that, that anything much would happen. I've been linked to for it once or twice before, but the volume was nothing like this. And in the scheme of things, it doesn't change much, but still, it gives me a little thrill, somehow. It would be nice if someone who came for the scrubbies stayed for the general ramblings.

Not likely, perhaps. But nice.

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Blogger GudrunThomassen said...

These are lifesavers when it comes to blisters: Band-aid also makes a version. They make blisters go down, and stop hurting!

11:34 PM, September 06, 2008  
Blogger Leslie said...

I know I found you through CAP. Are you commenting on the blogs you read? Sorry about the blisters - that's nasty.

8:23 AM, September 07, 2008  

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