Thursday, September 11, 2008

The brighter side of being unemployed.

Well, hey, who am I kidding, if the pesky money issue wasn't there, I'd love to not work. I'm not one of these people who, upon winning millions in the lottery, keeps their job down at the plant.

But specifically, being out of work right now means that I can finally go to the local farmers market, which has always irked me by being during the day. Although fall weather is coming, it's still pleasant, and I walked into town to see what they had. It's a small market, but I found a few things:

For seven dollars, I think I made out. Don't you love those carrots?

He said he planted them too close together. Carrot love!

I passed a nice garden on the way. If you look closely, you can see tomatoes among the flowers:

And cucumbers climbing onto the porch. Nice!

This bush had to be ten feet tall.

And the flowers were beautiful.

I went up to my former place of employment yesterday and had lunch with a few people, then visited my little garden plot once more. There were still a few tomatoes, and a bunch of green beans (past peak, most of them).

And I picked basil, catnip, and mint (because it was there).

Now I'm off, for my second night of twin-sitting this week. The other night was fun, but whew! Thirteen-month-old twins negate the need for a gym membership. Fortunately, dinner, play, and bed was followed by several hours knitting and reading on the couch. I needed to recover! It was fun, but they move so fast I didn't even get any pictures!

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Jess said...

Those carrots are amazing! I can't get over how cute they are all intertwined.