Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Much the Same

I am hanging in there.

I am doing a lot of deep breathing (and sometimes a little crying).

I am grateful that nothing big has gone wrong with the condo sale so far (knock wood).

I am hopeful that the lender appraisal scheduled for tomorrow morning happens as planned.

I am wishing that I didn't have to clear everything away again tonight for that, but. Oh well.

I am hoping that the Bruins win game 7 tomorrow night. (I was hoping the same of Saturday's game 5, and last night's game 6, so I won't say my hopes are too high.)

I am wishing that work had not decided to Change The Way We Do Everything this year, of all years. (Now we're editing in PowerPoint, and Adobe*, and Excel. Do you know what they all lack? Track changes.)
*Actually, my boss pushed back on that, so they sent the text in Word--it's the same as what's in the pdf! Except where it isn't!

I am thinking that if things proceed according to plan, the movers might be here in five weeks.

Which is both too soon, and not soon enough.

So I am doing a lot of deep breathing.


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