Friday, December 01, 2017

Knitting Shawls

I don't think I've summarized the state of the recent knitting, other than in bits here and there; specifically, here, where I mentioned that I was close to finishing the Mioget shawl and not sure what to make next, and there, where I decided that another Mioget was just the thing. So here's the latest.

Last Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, I finished the first Mioget shawl, washed it, and laid it out to dry under a fan, so that I could have it to wear over the holiday.

Before washing:
About six feet across, and no more than two feet tall.

Washed and pinned, it was more like seven feet wide, although part of that was the left wing, wanting to go up, so I had to get another square.
Actually, I only pinned the center section. The wings were fine, but I wanted to open up the lacy part of the center. Because here it is before:
And here, after.
Or, more close up:
So that did what I wanted it to.

I find the asymmetric look of it amusing, for whatever reason. And it wore well, in the sense that I could leave the wings dangling without them touching the floor, if I was wearing it more in decorative-shawl mode, but they also wrap well around my neck for going-out-in-the-cold mode. And, it went well with every outfit I wore in Maine, so that was a happy accident.

I did in fact cast on a new Mioget, Wednesday night, in order to have it for knitting during the trip. I need to get good photos, but so far all I have is this one, not so color-true, from the car:
The two yarns I mentioned in passing, that would go so well together? It turns out that they're more work-well-enough-together than can't-tell-apart. This was them in the skeins.
Pretty close, right?
But wound, not quite as much:
But I still think they work well together. And fortunately, I was smart enough to measure my yarn use in the first Mioget, so I can work out how best to place blocks of color on this one. By my crude sketch:
So the idea for now if to do section one from the first skein, and section 2 from the second, and then see how much I have left, to decide on section 3. We'll see if that goes according to plan, or if I will have to modify.


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