Sunday, December 10, 2017

Take Your Snow Photos And

First I have to vent about the snow, as Facebook and Instagram fill up with photos of the snow and the lights and isn't it all so pretty?!?

Yes, it is pretty. I don't deny that.

But for me, the pretty does not overcome all the rest. It is:
  • Cold
  • Messy
  • A pain to get off the car (over and over)
  • Annoying to drive in (I personally like to know where the lanes are, when I drive on the highway, and I expect the car to move in certain ways based on how I turn the steering wheel)
  • Noisy. Not the snow itself, but my building's plow guy, who came by at 5 AM; the building across the street, where someone was shoveling the sidewalk at 8, scrape-scrape-scrape; the house next to it, as she was shoveling it out at 9, scrape-thud, scrape-thud; the building across the other street, where Paul was snow-blowing at 10, vroom-vroom-vroom.
Gah. I'm looking forward to Florida. I'm going to be like the character in a book I read, who had moved from NY to southern California and brought a snow shovel with him. He kept it in his garage, and if he had a bad day, he would go outside and say to it, "Well, at least I didn't need you today."

Anyway! Despite the snow, I was glad to go out yesterday and hang out with my friends in their new apartment, and have a lovely Thanksgiving meal. It was very relaxed, sweatpants kind of atmosphere, and we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol between dinner and pie. I would probably have stayed even later if not for the snow, and the drive home in it.

Finnegan came out to check me out several times.
He settled between my feet later, just long enough for me to get the picture, then startled across the room.
He and Molly were front and center, oddly enough, for the pie, not the turkey. (They did want turkey, but they weren't quite so obvious about it.)
Finally, after dessert, Molly went back to bed, but Finn decided that he could come sit near me on the couch, and allow some scritching. He purred.
He was very cute.
As always.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Finn was looking for you after you left! "Where she go? She gives good skritches!"

10:51 PM, December 10, 2017  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Those are beautiful cats!

The day we moved into our house in California, after the movers left the old guy across the street who'd been entertained all day watching them sauntered over and declared, I saw them taking a snow shovel off the truck. What do you think you need THAT for?

Well, if it ever snows here we'll rent it out for a hundred bucks an hour.

2:06 AM, December 11, 2017  

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