Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cards Sent: Holiday Card Revealed

I don't send Christmas cards every year, so I certainly don't judge who sends them to me and who doesn't. I do like sending them, it's just that some years get away from me more than others (like last year, when I had a cold for over a month, November-into-December). And I like receiving them; who doesn't want a little cheery thing in the mail?

Anyway, this year, I had ordered my cards a while back (like, before Carlos died), and even with my holiday spirits not so high, I still wanted to send them out. Because look:
Emily McDowell has great stuff; you should check it out. And Happy Holidays to you!


Blogger Leslie said...

Merry Christmas or whatever to you too.

You missed a "lovely" snow storm and there will be highs in the teens lows in the single digits for the rest of the week. Moving to Florida will undoubtedly become higher on your list, and in some ways I can't blame you.

Enjoy your vacation and your mom.

11:13 AM, December 25, 2017  
Blogger Jennifer said...

loved your card so much!

10:23 AM, December 27, 2017  

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