Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Trying to Anticipate Changes

I am a planner, as you may possibly have noticed; planning ahead for things brings me the pleasures of anticipation (in cases of good things), and the satisfaction of feeling ready for what is coming (good or bad). [As an aside, some days I imagine a therapist reading this blog could have quite a lot on which to base a diagnosis of me.] It helps me feel a little more in control of all that life will throw my way, especially during a process filled with this many unknowns.

When I bought my condo (eleven years ago!), the move was under ten miles, but the change was enough that I needed to figure out where things like the nearest grocery store and bookstore were going to be. I remember spending quiet times at work looking up stores, to find the closest one to my new location.

The process this time is similar, but different. Instead of "Where is the nearest bookstore?" the questions are more like, "Does my bank operate in Florida"? The answer is no, so I add, "Open new bank accounts," to the long-term to-do list.

On the plus side, having my mother already there, with twenty-plus years of area knowledge, and a solid base of people to ask things like "Where is a good self-storage place?" and "Do you recommend a particular car-carrier* company?" is invaluable.
*At this point, I haven't decided if I will use one, or drive it down myself. When Carlos was involved, a 24-hour drive (over however many days) was going to be impossible, which made the decision for me.

I really am trying not to freak out over all the things still unknown. Mostly by trying not to think about it, but just focusing on what's right in front of me, along with making lists of things that have occurred to me for later. It isn't my usual MO, but so far, so good. Ish.


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