Tuesday, August 29, 2017


It hasn't been the greatest day. And believe me, I say that with the full awareness that for people in the storm-slammed area, my day, when I am dry and safe and have all my loved ones and possessions, is something they would love to have. Awareness of the awful, terrible storm and what it is doing is contributing to my mood, really.

(There are many suggestions for donating to help, if you are in the position to do so, and if you are, even a few dollars helps. I went with two that a friend suggested, Portlight Strategies [which helps the disabled] and the Texas Diaper Bank [which, you can guess].)

But it also wasn't a great day in more mundane ways. (I mean, honestly, yesterday was better, and that included a checkup at the gynecologist, so. If that doesn't speak volumes.)
  • Started the day with a minor work disappointment.
  • Went on to a still-minor (unrelated) work you-can't-do-that, how can you think you can do that.
  • And just at that moment, I was told of a work-related annoyance-thing in a way that really, really annoyed me; it was one of those times when I'm glad to work from home, as I could loudly blow my top until I could calm down enough to act* like a team player in electronic communication. I mean, I get that it could have been worse, but the fact that you're "thrilled" that it isn't makes me doubt your sanity, boss.
  • At around the same time, the nearby roadwork started repaving near me. For several minutes, my building and everything in it (including my head) was rattling. Even once they moved down the street, the smell of fresh asphalt coming in the window turned my stomach.
  • So it wasn't all that surprising that midday, I got one of the rare-to-me migraine auras, and spent an entertaining half hour or so trying to see, in order to work. (Fortunately for me, not only do I not get them often, but as long as I quickly take some excedrin, they will typically go away in under an hour, rather than leading to disaster. But it is like trying to look at something after someone took your photo with a flash, times 1000.)
  • And of course, it being mostly cloudy, and not hitting 70 degrees, never helps my mood.
*My dad used to say, "The key to success is sincerity; learn to fake that and you've got it made." He would laugh, but he was only sort of kidding, you know?

So, since my head is better but my stomach is still rolling, I gave myself permission not to go to swimming tonight. I will do a few things around the house, and get to bed early, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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