Monday, August 21, 2017

Love Vanity Fair? No, the Other One

I've been going over my bookshelves recently, pulling out more that I can live without having in the house (or paying to move to Florida and put in storage for a while), and I snagged on this one.
It's a beautiful copy of Vanity Fair, by Thackeray, and it was published in 1884. Just 133 years ago. It feels good in the hand, if you know what I mean.
It's not in perfect shape; for instance, the first little section has separated from the binding.
The back binding is slightly cracked, too. 
But overall, it's in remarkably good shape for its age. (133 years!)
The thing is, while I have read it, I don't love the story. I don't want to keep it for what's in it. But I can't stand to throw it into the donate pile; I want it to go right to someone who would love to have it.

Is that you? Let me know!


Blogger goosefairy said...

I would LOVE to have this. Is it still available?

9:40 AM, August 23, 2017  
Blogger ccr in MA said...

Yes! It's yours. I love being a book matchmaker.

1:56 PM, August 23, 2017  

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